Business Communication

Voice and Data

The convergence of voice and data networks allows shared use of servers, cabling, Internet connection and other components that simplify IT infrastructure management. Taking advantage of these benefits requires making some complex decisions:

  • You want to implement a Voice over Internet Protocols (VoIP) solution for your company, but which portions of your network should be included?
  • Does your VoIP solution encompass the connection to the Internet, the connection to the public switched telephone network, or the call you make to your branch office?
  • You’d like to access voicemails through your email server, but how do you integrate the necessary components?

R3 can help plan and implement all components of your voice and data networks. From evaluating your Internet connection requirements to understanding and comparing the large number of available voice solutions, we offer broad consulting and implementation support.

Get an IT Audit

Find out whether you need to upgrade, replace or repair equipment. We’ll evaluate your IT infrastructure and provide a detailed report with our findings and recommendations. Schedule an IT audit.


Voice over Internet Protocols (VoIP) is the technology that enables phone calls to be made using the Internet. In a business office, these technologies:

  • Enable users to make and receive calls and check voicemail while enjoying all the functionality offered by wired telephone service such as caller ID, call transfer, intercom service and speed dialing
  • Provide advanced features such as click-to-dial, meet-me conferencing, call monitoring and recording, and call queuing

R3 will devise a strategic plan for implementing VoIP services and set up a system integrating rock-solid security with business continuity planning to keep your business running smoothly.

We’ll help you get started by testing the technology first with a hosted VoIP solution by evaluating your in-house capabilities and comparing them with the cost of an external provider. Outsourcing VoIP services can increase uptime, reduce administration requirements and offer more options for SIP-compliant phones.

Scanning and Fax

Scanning and faxing solutions have matured considerably in the past few years. However, selecting one that balances performance, functionality, and budget requirements can be a daunting task. R3 can research and explain your options and purchase and install the solution you choose.

Cellular Communication

With mobile broadband use growing at 45% annually, cellular communication access and support is an integral component of your network. Your cellular strategy must address synchronization, scalability, security and cost requirements.

R3 has deep expertise in integrating cellular communication devices into your company’s messaging system. We can design and implement wireless solutions using the latest technologies, including Blackberry, Active Sync, IMAP, POP, hosted solutions or proprietary control panels. Our solutions integrate seamlessly with your voice and data network regardless of your preferred provider.

Hosted Exchange

A recent IDC survey found more than half of all small-business e-mail accounts are now outsourced or under consideration for outsourcing. Small and mid-sized companies are seizing the opportunity to migrate to Microsoft Exchange without having to pay the significant upfront expenses.

Using a hosted Microsoft Exchange solution provides the same functionality in a subscription model: no hardware, software, or installation project required. R3 clients realize several benefits from using our hosted Exchange services:

  • Complete Microsoft Exchange functionality with no software purchase required
  • Smooth migration from onsite Exchange service or fast, easy transition for first-time Exchange user
  • All server maintenance, backup, and administration tasks handled by our staff for your convenience
  • Full compliance with industry and government requirements such as SEC, HIPAA and Sarbanes Oxley

Optional add-ons include message archiving, message encryption, email virus and spam control, and mobile support for leading technologies including Blackberry and ActiveSync.