Security and Business Continuity

How secure is your network? Like many companies, you may have a firewall and an antivirus solution, but these are not enough to protect your company’s data and safeguard its operations.

R3 combines industry standards and best practices we’ve developed into a comprehensive approach to your network’s security. Elements of our approach include:

  • Timely application of operating system patches and updates
  • Secure password policies
  • Standardized employee exit procedures
  • Protected remote user access
  • Internet usage restrictions
  • Content filtering tools
  • Robust antivirus and anti-spyware software

Implementing strong security measures only protects your network if the solutions used are regularly updated and maintained. Our automated tools and proven processes mean we can cost-effectively monitor and update your systems.

Get an IT Audit

Find out whether you need to upgrade, replace or repair equipment. We’ll evaluate your IT infrastructure and provide a detailed report with our findings and recommendations. Schedule an IT audit.

Data Backup

If your network was destroyed by a natural disaster or your data lost during a system failure, how would you recover? Would you still have access to the vital information and IT infrastructure that are the lifeblood of your business? R3 offers full data backup and recovery services to protect small and medium-sized businesses in these situations.

We help you assess your organization’s needs and match them to a data backup option. Your company’s data will be protected from loss due to hackers, theft, system failures, and unexpected disasters through our individualized backup and recovery packages, which include:

  • Secure protection from viruses and unauthorized access
  • Guaranteed access to your information and backups through dedicated servers
  • Backup of your company data at regular intervals each day
  • Offsite storage of a copy of your IT infrastructure that can become operational within moments during a disaster or crisis
  • Predictable monthly billing for your data protection solutions, with no extra fees for hardware or software
  • Remote, online backup service offering an affordable, efficient means of securely storing your mission-critical data

Disaster Recovery Planning

Implementing a daily backup procedure can create a false sense of security. Often, businesses don’t realize that critical information, application data, email, or contact information was not captured with their backup, or their backups have stopped running, and their information is lost due to a crash.

To be actionable in the event of a disaster, the network administrator must:

  • Understand where all critical data is located on the network, and the processes required to capture the data for archival
  • Implement a process to safeguard this information and monitor its execution
  • Plan access to replacement hardware, software licensing information and installation media
  • Store backup files in a secure offsite location

Hosted Antivirus

Threats to your network from viruses, spyware, hackers and Trojan horses are becoming more sophisticated and harder to defend against at the same time that users are pressuring companies to expand remote access options.

An infection can cause irreparable harm by destroying your archived data or compromising your network’s hardware. According to a Symantec survey, one-third of small and mid-sized business do not have antivirus protection despite understanding the risks. Survey respondents cited inadequate budgets as the main factor in their decision.

R3 offers clients secure, hosted antivirus protection that fits their budgets.